We are a company of people — perfectly imperfect, where all of our differences are our strengths. Our mission is to provide more than just the best donuts and coffee possible. We strive to have the most passionate, knowledgeable, and friendly team when it comes to providing out of this world service that helps inspire and bring communities together. 

Fun Fact:

""I started my first company, AP Sweets, when I was 15 years old."


Amanda Pizarro-Rodriguez

Fun Fact:

“When I was 8 years old, the Miami Herald wrote an article about me being part of “talented young bakers”, highlighting my apricot soufflé”


Andy Rodriguez

Fun Fact:

“I love Mexican food so much that I named my dog Pico"

Chief Marketing Officer

Danny Pizarro

Fun Fact:

"I constantly swim, bike, and run so I can eat donuts"

Director of Finance & Accounting

Nicolas Martinez

Fun Fact:


Director of Human Resources

Allison Peterson

Fun Fact:

“Back in the year 2000, I had written in a time capsule that I want to be a pastry chef when I grew up”

Director of Culinary Operations

Miranda Mash


Fun Fact:

“My fun fact is the same as Nicks”

Director of Coffee and Beverages

Daniel Choiseul

Fun Fact:

"All through my terrible 2's I refused to wear anything but my bright red cowboy boots. Apparently I was born to live this Salty Dallas life!"

Director of Pastry Innovation

Audrey Scheib

THE SALTY DONUT (10 of 45).jpg

Fun Fact:


Regional Store Manager, Texas

Laura Lewallen

Fun Fact:


Regional Store Manager, Florida

Guillermo Calo


Fun Fact:


Catering Sales Manager

Erick Proenza

Fun Fact:

"In 2016 I helped set up Lizzo's stage before she preformed for a sold out 200 person show"

Marketing Manager

Kae Roffman

Fun Fact:

"I can play 17 musical instruments!"

Store Manager, Audubon Park

Randy Zerquera

Fun Fact:

"I once got Dum Dums to send me a 2 pound bag of blue raspberry Dum Dums lollipops for free."

Executive Pastry Chef, Audubon Park

Noa Weinshel

Photo Nov 22, 1 45 11 AM.jpg

Fun Fact:


Executive Pastry Chef, Wynwood

Emma Fitzpatrick

Fun Fact:

"I'm trying to visit every state park in the country!"

Store Manager, Wynwood

Mizel Lopez

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