Introducing you to: 'THE SALTY'

A little over 4 years ago, we launched The Salty Donut out of our vintage camper in a parking lot in Wynwood. Our goal at the time was to serve the freshest, most delicious donuts and coffee in a welcoming space. Over the years we’ve grown to learn that while this philosophy still remains true today, what gets us out of bed every day is using what we do to create a supportive and welcoming community everywhere we go. Throughout the years, we found that we, and many of our customers, began calling us “The Salty” for short - kinda like calling your best friend by their nickname 😊

So, we decided that we wanted to be on a first-name basis with ALL of our customers. Please allow us to reintroduce ourselves as THE SALTY, because we are and always have been, #morethanadonutshop

We’re updating our primary logo and removing the word “donut” from it. Don’t get us wrong, it’s still what we do- but by simplifying the name we go by and refreshing our primary logo, we have an opportunity to create a more welcoming energy both inside and outside our stores, in whatever way that means to you, our #SaltyFam.

Awesome! So what's next?

This new logo will make its way to everywhere you see us - from packaging to stores, merchandise and events. However, for environmental reasons, we are going to phase out the release of our packaging with our current inventory so we don’t create unnecessary waste. Therefore, you’ll be seeing this new packaging launch starting with our individual boxes (now called “Tiny Box”) and then moving on to different sized boxes and packaging in the following weeks! Fun bonus fact: all of our new packaging is 100% recyclable and carbon neutral! Stay tuned to be part of this evolution with us 💙💙 #thesaltydonut #thesalty

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